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#Humanity and #Hope

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Characters Encounter


Simon and Samantha looked up from their sandwiches as they sat in a hut at Roundhay Park. Suddenly, a commotion drew their attention. Samantha's gaze followed the path of a football as it inadvertently hit a young woman with chocolate skin, blue eyes, and dark long braids. With concern on her face, Samantha nudged Simon, motioning towards the incident.

"Should we go see if she's okay?" Samantha suggested, her voice laced with concern.

Simon agreed, placing his sandwich aside, and they both headed towards the young woman who was rubbing her arm where the ball had struck. Approaching, Samantha gave a comforting smile.

"Are you alright?" she inquired softly, her worry apparent.

The young woman looked up, taken aback by their approach. She nodded, her face still showing a hint of discomfort. "Yes, I'm fine. It just took me by surprise," she admitted.

Simon looked over at the football players nearby, observing a blend of regret and concern on their faces. "Sorry, it was an accident," one of the players called out, hoping to ease any residual tension.

The young woman responded with a faint smile, acknowledging their goodwill. "Thank you," she said quietly, before turning to rejoin her friends.

Watching her leave, Samantha and Simon shared a look before heading back to their bench. As they resettled, Samantha pondered the significance of kindness in unforeseen situations, even during an ordinary day at the park.



#Characters Encounter


"Why are you looking at me like that?"

Like what?

"Like an idiot."

What's wrong with you?

"I saw your wandering eye flirting with that girl."

Which girl?

"The one in the blue yoga leggings and the pink tank top."

What's your problem?

"Is it a crime to watch someone walk by?"

Of course, it's not a crime, but you were staring.

Sam, you've lost it.

"Simon, just shut up."



Characters Encounter


Samantha clenched her teeth as the chill of the air brushed against her face, causing goosebumps to spread across her skin. Facing her new reality was challenging, but she summoned the courage to free herself from the hospice she had grown familiar with. In a hoarse whisper, Samantha uttered a few words, tears streaming down her porcelain cheeks. The nurses who had cared for "Sherry" during the past year struggled to hold back their own tears and could not. After ordering a taxi, Samantha, heavy-hearted, embraced the nurses who had tended to "Sherry." A tall man with salt-and-pepper hair, olive skin, and kind blue eyes, dressed in brown denim and a blue denim shirt, waved at a somber Samantha as a silver Toyota Camry pulled up. Preparing for the longest night of her life, she settled into the owner's corner of the taxi and provided the driver with her West London postcode. It was the first time Samantha truly felt the enormity of "Sherry's" absence, as the specter of loneliness fiercely enveloped her.

Samantha left a generous tip for the driver after he dropped her off at her red brick duplex.



Characters Encounter


Samantha's heart felt heavy as she moved through the once comforting, now eerie spaces of her home. The absence of her mother, "Sherry," created a void that seemed to engulf her soul. Laughter, warmth, and love once filled these rooms, now their absence echoed mockingly in the silence.

In the bathroom, the warm water flowed over her pale skin, and Samantha finally allowed the tears to fall, tears she'd held back since leaving the hospice. Each tear that joined the water was a tangible expression of the sorrow gripping her heart.

Dried off, Samantha clutched a steaming mug of hot chocolate, seeking comfort in its familiar warmth. The taste brought temporary relief, but her mind remained tormented by questions and doubts.

"Mum, are you in a better place?" she whispered, her voice lost in the quiet of the house.

The silence offered no reply, only reinforcing the stark reality of her loss. How could she continue without her mother, the one who had always steadied her in an unpredictable world?

"What am I going to do?" The question, spoken aloud, made the burden of responsibility feel even heavier. The future lay before her, an intimidating void of uncertainties.

Yet, in the midst of despair and doubt, Samantha knew she must muster the strength to move forward. For her mother, for herself, for the cherished memories they held. Taking a deep breath, she resolved to brave the storm of grief and keep the essence of her mother's spirit burning bright within her.



Characters Encounter


As Samantha meandered through her garden, the morning sun weaved through the foliage, casting whimsical shadows along her path. The shock of the letter she had just read lingered in her mind. Her beloved mother, Sherry, had meticulously organized her own funeral to the finest detail, leaving Samantha utterly astounded.

Reflecting on the letter's contents, a whirlpool of emotions churned within her. It was as though Sherry had extended her care from beyond, ensuring all was in order. The act was simultaneously heartwarming and otherworldly.

While replenishing the nut feeder for the squirrels, Samantha's thoughts drifted to the lawyer mentioned in the letter. What had Sherry left behind for her? What revelations or surprises lay in wait at the conclusion of this unforeseen path?

Engrossed in her thoughts, Samantha returned to the house, the breeze softly playing with her hair. She was determined to fulfill Sherry's last wishes and attend the funeral, aware that more discoveries awaited beyond the ceremony. With both curiosity and sorrow, Samantha readied herself for the forthcoming day, keen to decipher the enigmas that awaited her discovery.



Characters Encounter


Samantha's heart fluttered with a blend of fear and wonder as she grappled with the surreal reality before her. The entity guiding her, a towering figure exuding an otherworldly aura, radiated both might and mercy.

Each step upon the golden path overwhelmed Samantha's senses with the splendor of her environment. The lavishness around her bordered on the unreal, leading her to doubt if she was awake or ensnared in a dream.

However, gazing into the kind hazel eyes of the entity at her side, a wave of comfort enveloped her. Amidst the extraordinary oddity, the warmth in its look provided a silent promise of safety.

Samantha extended a shaky hand to the golden ground, anticipating it might vanish at her touch. Astonishingly, it was tangible and lustrous, reflecting the otherworldly illumination of this heavenly domain.

Engulfed in amazement and skepticism, Samantha felt as though she had entered a realm beyond normalcy, a place where dream and reality converge. Walking beside her mysterious companion, she pondered the secrets that lay ahead in this remarkable journey.




The "Angel" cradled Samantha's hands with a gentleness reminiscent of a father leading his child. In mere moments, Samantha's anxiety ebbed away, and she began to savor the crispness of the surrounding cool air. Her eyes settled on a fantastical vision: a sea of glass intermingling with what seemed to be white smoke and flames. Narrowing her eyes against the dazzling light, she observed a multitude of individuals, crowding the expanse like countless filled arenas. Each wore robes of the purest white, gleaming from head to toe, their joy radiating as they performed symphonies that imbued the atmosphere with elation.

Abruptly, two additional "Angels," garbed in white robes festooned with white feathers and eyes of a piercing ice-blue, drew near Samantha. They shared cheerful greetings and ushered her into an immense chamber shrouded in white smoke. Overwhelmed, Samantha found it difficult to grasp the reality of an enormous entity, arrayed in a robe brighter than the freshest snow. Positioned on a throne of the most refined gold, shining like the sun itself, the entity exuded a presence that demanded awe and respect.




Samantha attempted to gaze upon the celestial being's face, but the room's intense brightness prevented her from looking into the being's eyes.

The Celestial spoke to Samantha with a voice reminiscent of Niagara Falls and guided her around the garden. There, Samantha encountered Sherry and her adopted father. The individuals she met seemed peaceful, joyful, and radiant.

"What is your name?"

"Why do you wish to know?"

"I'm curious."

"Celestial is my name."

"Tell me your name."


"Where am I?"

"I cannot tell you."

"Why can't you tell me?"

"I have my reasons."

"Please, tell me."

"Samantha, just enjoy the moment."

"Why are my mum and dad here?"

"That is a story for another day."




From a distance, Samantha spotted Sherry conversing with a child, both adorned in white. Sherry's dress sparkled, reflecting her ageless joy as Samantha called out to her.

"May I speak with my mother?"

Regrettably, speaking to "Sherry" is not possible.

"Why not?"

Your time has not arrived.

"What does that mean?"

Samantha, you have unfinished tasks on Earth, and the individuals here have departed from it.

"Then why am I here?"

You were allowed a glimpse of this realm to carry hope back to Earth.

"What are you implying?"

You have a significant purpose to fulfill, to positively impact lives and establish a lasting legacy. Thus, your visit must conclude, and you shall return.




Samantha knelt on the cold, hard ground, tears streaming down her cheeks like rivers of despair. Her heart heavy with sorrow, she reached out to the celestial being, her voice choked with desperation.

"Please," she whispered, her voice barely audible amidst the tumult of her emotions, "I have nowhere else to go. Please, grant me shelter, even just for a night."

But the celestial being remained unmoved, its ethereal form shimmering with an otherworldly glow. Its eyes, filled with a sorrowful wisdom, met Samantha's pleading gaze, yet it did not yield to her plea.

With a solemn shake of its head, the celestial being gestured towards the horizon, where the first light of of dawn began to break through the darkness.




"I'm sorry, child,"

Samantha , there is so much you have been assigned to accomplish and you  need to go and fulfil your destiny and touch lives for the better .

You also need to build a   legacy ;hence I am  going to close the curtains on your visit and send you back .

its voice echoed like the whisper of the wind, carrying with it a sense of finality. "But your journey lies elsewhere. Farewell."

As Samantha watched, her heart sinking with the weight of rejection, a wave of resignation washed over her. She knew she had to continue her quest alone, braving the unknown with nothing but her courage and determination to guide her. With a heavy sigh, she rose to her feet, wiping away her tears as she prepared to face the challenges ahead.



Characters Encounter


Samantha rubbed her eyes and lifted herself from the bed, her pink nightgown lightly clinging to her moist skin. Tears still sparkled on her cheeks, the remnants of dreams that persisted like shadows in her thoughts. With a sigh, she reached for a tissue to wipe away the wetness, feeling the morning's cool breeze against her skin.

Sunlight poured through her window, bathing her room in a golden light, while outside, the day beckoned with the promise of freshness and vitality. Samantha moved closer to the window, gazing out at the unfolding scene.

Below in the gardens, squirrels scampered among the foliage, their bushy tails twitching with excitement as they foraged for their morning meal. A few foxes roamed, their lithe bodies gliding through the dew-laden grass. Samantha watched, a faint smile playing on her lips as she took in the sight of the animals immersed in their dawn activities.

For a brief moment, her concerns faded, eclipsed by the pure allure of the natural world stirring to life around her. Taking a deep breath, she made a silent vow to confront the coming day with newfound vigor, aware that amidst her personal challenges, there remained a world brimming with wonder just beyond her window.



Characters Encounter


Moreno James , 55 , stepped off the London Underground, having traveled the Victoria Line to Oxford Circus from King's Cross St Pancras. His face, sculpted by time and experience, bore the weight of years in conflict zones. His disheveled hair, once brown, suggested a life on the edge, while his grey, weary eyes revealed the horrors he had seen, memories ingrained in his soul.

Dressed in worn blue jeans, his staggered steps seemed to carry the weight of his past. The fierce western winds pulled at his coat, a barrier against the elements and his inner demons.

Moreno, of medium build and porcelain skin marked by unseen scars, was an army veteran who had served in Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan, with the echoes of war lingering in his mind.

The greatest burden he bore was loss. As a widower, he carried the pain of a broken heart, a pervasive loneliness, and a long battle with PTSD, his silent life companion.

Wandering Oxford Circus, Moreno bore the invisible scars of war, embodying the human spirit's resilience.

His black sneakers, worn and patched, showed the miles walked, yet Moreno appeared unfazed as he ambled along Oxford Street, whistling a tune. An olive knapsack hung over his arm, his constant urban ally.

Captivated by a red phone booth, he made several animated calls in his Cockney accent, each conversation brimming with life.





Moreno disappeared as if by magic, and what followed was the violent sound of an explosion.

Black lightning crackled menacingly, sending jagged streaks across the dark sky. Amidst this, bolts of yellow lightning emerged, their brightness piercing the gloom like fiery tendrils from an otherworldly domain. In this surreal tableau, a coppery red blaze danced fervently, adding a captivating color to the chaotic symphony unfolding overhead.

Each detonation seemed alive, striking with raw power and wild rage. The tumultuous roar of the explosion reverberated across the terrain, resonating with the primal force of the elements at play.

Amidst the dull uniformity of the grey heavens, this burst of color and light stood as a stark reminder of the wild forces beyond human understanding. It was a display both breathtaking and fearsome, a testament to nature's relentless power and splendor.

People scattered in all directions as emergency services mobilized to aid the #wounded and transport survivors to the nearest hospital.






The afternoon's peace was abruptly broken as chaos engulfed the unsuspecting city. A typical Friday afternoon morphed into a tableau of terror and ruin. Turmoil rose from the depths of malevolence, casting its shadowy tendrils through the streets.

Shrieks rent the air as dread seized those ensnared in the escalating frenzy. Edifices quaked, their integrity compromised by the unleashed wrath. Plumes of smoke soared, veiling the once tranquil skyline in a foreboding haze.

Unwitting onlookers were catapulted into a living nightmare, compelled to face the grim new reality of an inverted world. The streets, formerly teeming with activity, now lay abandoned, littered with the remnants of destruction, bearing witness to the chaos sown by dark forces.

However, within the turmoil and destruction, a spark of hope endured. Valiant individuals stood united, confronting the calamity, resolute in wresting back their city from the jaws of malevolence. For even in the bleakest moments, the indomitable human spirit endures, shining as a beacon against the advancing gloom.



The unexpected


Dressed in green jeans, a yellow denim shirt, and green sneakers, Samantha arrived at a scene straight out of a horror movie. Without a moment's hesitation, she leaped into action, guiding the remaining injured to the pavement and administering vital first aid. Her prompt and caring actions significantly impacted the chaotic and distressing situation.

After the atmosphere settled, Samantha's android began to ring. She answered on the second ring.

"Hello?" Despite the recent turmoil, Samantha's voice attempted to maintain composure.

"Hey, Samantha, it's Simon," the voice on the other end responded.

A sense of relief washed over Simon upon hearing Samantha's voice.

"Oh, hi Simon. How are you?"

"I'm well, thanks. Just checking on you. I heard about the incident earlier and wanted to ensure you were okay."

Samantha exhaled deeply. "It was quite intense, but I'm managing. Thank you for calling."

"Of course. Is there anything I can do to assist?"

"I just need some time to reflect on everything," Samantha answered. "But your call means a lot."

"Understood. Remember, I'm here if you need anything. And we still have our dinner date next week."

A faint smile appeared on Samantha's face. "I remember. I'm looking forward to it."

"Excellent. Take care of yourself, Samantha."

"You too, Simon. Goodbye." With that, Samantha ended the call and placed her android down, comforted by her friend's support in such a turbulent period.




Sam, clad in black skinny jeans, a pink shirt, black sneakers, and a navy blue cap, arrived at McDonald's. Simon, wearing 501 blue jeans, a denim jacket, and matching sneakers, walked in casually. He stopped abruptly and gasped upon locking eyes with Samantha.

"Sam, thank God you're alive! Oh dear, you look terrible."

"Simon! How can you say that?"

"Sorry, I didn't mean to upset you."

"My heart sank when I heard you were near the explosion site."

"Let's grab something to eat; I'm starving."

"Sure, go ahead and order, and I'll follow."

Simon and Samantha placed their orders and dug into their French fries, burgers, and Coca-Cola.

Afterward, they both headed to Samantha's place.





Simon, Mum's funeral is tomorrow, and I have nothing to wear.


I can't find any suitable clothes for the occasion.

Sam, "I saw you hang a yellow dress the other day."

You mean the dress I sent to the dry cleaners?

"Yes, silly."

Simon, yellow is too bright for a funeral.

"Okay, what about the beige dress you put on the couch last week?"

Simon, my beige dress is dirty.

"Sam, the funeral is at 2 pm tomorrow, and it's 2 pm today. What's stopping you from doing laundry for your beige dress right now?"





Simon, I'm not keen on wearing 'beige' tomorrow.

"I think your 'beige dress' would be quite suitable."

Must I wear 'beige', really?

"Sam, let's bring the 'beige dress' to the dry cleaners by my place."

Simon, I've worn this 'beige dress' several times already. I'm simply not fond of 'beige' at all.

"Let's look through your wardrobe. We're bound to find something suitable."

I have my doubts.

"There's no time to lose; tomorrow is almost upon us."

Oh, Simon, please be quiet.




"What about the 'sky blue dress' I'm seeing?"

The 'sky blue dress' is above my knee, for Christ's sake.

"What about the 'tan-coloured dress' in the far-left corner?"

I haven't worn that dress in ages. I don't think it would fit.

For goodness' sake, at least try the dress.

Okay, okay, but you're driving me crazy.




Friday arrived with an aura of calm and tranquility. The air was crisp and cool. Grey clouds crowded the sky, and soon, the heavens parted, allowing droplets to caress the earth in a soft ballet of glistening jewels.

Samantha strode with poise, clad in a knee-length dress, desert brown suede shoes, and a matching brown bag. Her sandy brown hair was styled into a wreath that crowned her oval face.




Simon, dressed in a navy blue tuxedo, red tie, sky blue shirt, and black loafers, took measured strides of poise and grace, their arms interlocked, as they approached the red SUV parked in front of Sam's place. Leading the procession for Simon and Samantha was a black Mercedes Hearse carrying Sherry's casket, adorned with an inscription in red rose petals spelling 'MUM'. Their journey from West London brought them to the St Albans Community Church in Hertfordshire.

Samantha and Simon settled into their seats, exchanging polite greetings with Sherry's friends and distant relatives who had gathered to pay their final respects.

The minister delivered a thought-provoking sermon, after which Samantha sang one of Sherry's favorite songs and delivered a heartfelt eulogy for the only mother she had known, recounting the timeless memories they shared. The room grew quiet, the air heavy with emotion, as tears flowed freely.

Following the interment at Hatfield Road Cemetery, Samantha and Simon engaged in light conversation with some of the guests. A selection of light refreshments including canapés, cakes, sausage rolls, savory dishes, pork pies, pasties, sandwiches, and drinks were served.




Samantha was dressed in a black blazer, white shirt, black shoes, and a matching black bag, with her sandy brown hair neatly tied into a bun. She was there to follow up on a letter sent by her late mother before passing away at the hospice.

Seated at the reception of 'Virtue & Victor' solicitors, Samantha helped herself to some water from the dispenser. Despite her sweaty palms, she managed to calm her nerves as she waited to be called into the solicitor's office.

A Vietnamese lady named Miss Cheng, petite with caramel skin, a gentle smile, and bright brown eyes, clad in an orange dress, indicated that it was time for Samantha to meet Barrister Clarence Esq. Entering an office with burnt clay interiors, Samantha saw a tall man, 6 feet 4 inches, with dark eyes and a bright smile, wearing a white shirt, red tie, and navy-blue trousers. Clarence offered Samantha a chair, and they introduced themselves to each other.




Barrister Clarence, with his dark chocolate complexion, tall and lean stature, sported neatly packed dreadlocks. Originally from St. Kitts and Nevis, he was born in London and had lived in the UK his entire life. A Cambridge University graduate, he had excelled with top grades and passed his bar exams with distinction. Clarence made 'Samantha' feel at ease, offering her tea, coffee, or apple juice, which she declined politely.

Clarence then presented a khaki brown A4 envelope and asked Samantha to open it.

With trembling hands, Samantha carefully broke the envelope's seal and began to read the letter addressed to her, line by line. Sam covered her mouth and gasped, tears streaming down her face, smudging her makeup.

"Miss Sam, I hope everything is okay."

"I'm fine, thank you."




If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

"I am shocked. This beggars belief."

"Why are you shocked?"

"My mum never discussed anything of this nature with me during her time in the hospice."

"Mrs. Sherry had already tied up the loose ends of her will. We have been working together for the past year."

"I just didn't think my late mother would leave anything for me. I am struggling to comprehend what my mother has done for me."

"Miss Samantha Shields, you are the daughter of Mrs. Sherry Shields and an only child. Mrs. Sherry Shields said she wanted to ensure you had a secure future."

"Mr. Clarence, I haven't worked for this money. I'm not sure I deserve an inheritance. I am afraid that someone might try to take advantage if they find out."




Sam, the good news is that your money is securely placed in a trust. You need not worry; you will be able to invest in your future. Rest assured, the trust has been established by the best legal minds, probate, and estate experts you can imagine. No one will be able to take advantage of you, even if they find out.

Mr. Clarence, what do you think my next steps should be?

Sam, I see you as a bright young woman with a bright future ahead.

'Sherry' mentioned how delighted you were when volunteering at the hospital a few months back. There's a possibility you might be interested in health sciences if you decide to go to university.

"Thank you so much, Mr. Clarence. I will consider your advice and keep you updated periodically."

Before you leave, there's one more thing.

I have two letters for you, 'Miss Samantha Shields.'

As per the late 'Mrs. Sherry Shields' instructions, I can only hand you the letter in the white envelope for now.




The second letter, housed within the green envelope, is to be opened only after a span of fifteen years. You are cordially invited to peruse the contents of the letter in the white envelope. For the time being, I shall retain possession of the letter in the green envelope. Fifteen years hence, you must return to "Virtue & Victor" solicitors to claim the letter from the green envelope.



# Samantha

# Letter

# 27.05.2024

From a Dying Mother to Her Daughter

Dear Samantha,

You entered my life when I was in dire search of 'hope'.

At my lowest point, I questioned whether life warranted any blood, sweat, and tears.

'Cage', my beloved 'husband', penned letters to me, revealing his nightmares and the 'post-traumatic stress' he endured during his tours of duty in Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan as an active member of the 'Royal Marine Commandos'.




I sent a letter of encouragement and various bits and bobs to support him. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough, but I remained hopeful that I would see him again until the day two servicemen knocked on my door with the news I had feared. My hopes were shattered when a roadside bomb killed Captain Cage Shields in Iraq. In the midst of my despair, your arrival brought a glimmer of hope that words cannot fully express.

I recall the sparkle in your eyes and the journey of nurturing you into becoming a bright young girl with a promising future. I am determined to leave behind a legacy of 'Esperance,' which means 'hope.'

Knowing that I won't be physically present as you navigate through your precious life, I have decided to invest in your future and provide a blueprint to ensure you want for nothing.




I believe you are a very sensible girl, destined to go far in life. I can only hope that the relationship you share with Simon is built on a hope that will prove worthwhile in the long term. I apologize for hurting your feelings when I was unusually tough on Simon. I am just a protective mother who wants the very best for her daughter.

I have known Mr. Clarence for years, as we were classmates in high school. Please feel free to ask him any questions as he guides you through the next steps of your journey.

Providence is watching over you, and I pray that your Creator guides you through life's vicissitudes.

Good night, until we meet again in heaven.



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