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#Fiction - #Hope & #Humanity – (Large -Print) Part 2

Updated: Jul 10


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21 -10  - 2023

As blows were exchanged, Sam targeted her assailant's eyes with her fingers and delivered a lower jab to his stomach. Within minutes, Samantha had the man in a strong headlock with her thighs and dialed 999 with her left hand until the police arrived.

Though shaken, Samantha was unharmed. She expressed her gratitude to the police and then hailed a taxi to her apartment. She was thankful for her ability to defend herself, yet the ordeal had left an indelible mark on her.

The following day, Samantha visited the police station to provide a statement. She recounted the entire incident, and the police committed to ensuring the assailant would face justice. Samantha felt reassured by their serious approach to her case.

Weeks later, the police updated Samantha on the case. They informed her that the assailant had a significant criminal history and was likely facing incarceration. Samantha felt a sense of relief knowing he would be held responsible for his actions, and she was thankful for the diligent efforts of the police.

Gradually, Samantha's feeling of safety returned, though she stayed alert during her nightly walks. Confident in her self-defense skills, she hoped never to need them again.

The incident was harrowing, but it left Samantha stronger and more determined. She resolved to embrace life fully and value time with her family, particularly her mother, whose love and support had been instrumental in shaping her bravery.



03*01 *2024 

Sykes, standing at 6'4" with an athletic build, chiseled face, and rugged looks, had sharp brown eyes that gleamed with a wry smile as mild sunny spells shone through the faded skies. The air was fresh, gentle, and carried the scent of wildflowers. While passing time on a park bench, Sykes munched on his southern fried chicken sandwich, disturbed by an unwanted guest—a ladybird—that prompted him to hiss as he flicked away the insect basking on his velvety, shiny skin. Overcome by a brief spell of boredom, Sykes yawned loudly and stretched his long limbs like a cat. He then took a stroll, lured by the inviting sound of an ice-cream van. Unable to resist the temptation, he joined the long queue for ice cream. However, as the line shortened, Sykes felt a slight ache in his groin and decided to heed nature's call, assuming he could rejoin the queue after visiting the gentlemen's facilities.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Simon."

"What does that mean?"

"Are you blind?"

"No, I can see."

"Then can't you see we're in a queue?"

"You can't just barge in here and skip the queue; people are waiting."



03* 01 * 2024

"And so, what?"

"The people queuing are not fools."

"Are you mad?"

"By the way, I was in the queue. I just went to the toilet ten minutes ago."

"We have been queuing since 3 pm, and I was one of the first ten to arrive. How come I did not see you when I first got here?"

"What's wrong with you?"

"I entered through the rear entrance of the park and sat in one of the cubicles on the left-hand side. I presume you came in through the east gate."

Simon, after a heated exchange, found himself shouting at the top of his voice and eventually threw a punch, hitting the wall.

Simon woke up in his grey pyjamas, sweating profusely.

Simon looked startled at the sudden realization that he was having a dream, so much so that he was in a state of disbelief and began to question whether he was reliving an experience or simply having a vivid nightmare.

The vividness of Simon's dream left him momentarily disoriented, grappling with the boundary between the dream world and reality.



03*01 *2024


Charles, have you creamed the sugar and butter?

"Yes, of course, I have."

How many eggs do we need?

"I believe two should suffice."

Ensure the eggs are organic and free-range.

"Absolutely, do you think I'm unaware?"

Let's check your butter and sugar mixture.

Charles, thank you, but...

"But what?"

The fat and sugar need to be creamed more thoroughly.

"According to whom?"

There are still lumps of sugar in the butter.

"Simon, what is your issue?"


"I just want to avoid a disaster."

Oh, please, enough; you can be quite irritating at times.



03 - 01 - 2024

"By the way, I'm beating the eggs to stiff peaks with a whisk."

"Charles, let me know when you've finished creaming the sugar and butter."

"Good, we need some lemons for zest and juice."

Remember to ask "John" for the lemon essence and baking tin.

"I'll switch on the oven and set it to 180 degrees C."

Now that the mix is ready for the oven, let's clean up.

"Simon, I can't be bothered to clean up."

"Charles, don't be a lazy git."

"Simon, you're an idiot."

"If Charles doesn't want to clean, I can help," John interjected.

"Guys, one more thing, I can hear the oven bleeping; 30 minutes have passed, the mix can go in the oven."

"Clap! Clap! Clap! We're halfway there."

Simon was smiling with a big grin as he smelled the aroma of freshly baked cake in the kitchen. He placed the freshly baked confectioneries on a grey ceramic table in the confectionery room to cool before the goods were moved onto a trolley and taken to the school foyer. Freshly baked lemon drizzle cakes were sold at £0.50 per slice, and rich fruit cake at £1.00 per slice. In total, £1000.00 was raised for St Gemma’s Hospice.

The next day, Simon personally visited St Gemma's Hospice to deliver the money raised. His heartfelt presentation of the funds to the Hospice's manager added a deeply emotional touch to the entire initiative.



As Simon and his friends concluded their presentation, every person in the room was moved to tears. The donation represented not just a financial aid but also a heartfelt expression of care and compassion from Simon and his team towards the hospice and its purpose.



Shortly after the presentation, Simon heard a familiar voice from a distance. For a few seconds, Simon looked startled.

"Oh, my days!"

"Samantha, what are you doing here?"

"It's none of your business," Samantha shot back.

"Samantha, I'm your friend. There's no need to get upset; talk to me."

"Okay, I have some private business."

"Sam, you're being vague. Tell me something."



03 -  01  - 2024

My mother has been ill for some time, and I've kept this secret for the past year. I dread the thought of my "mum" passing away, but I am not God. Unfortunately, my mother's cancer has spread throughout her body, and I would be fortunate if she lasts a few more months.

Samantha broke down in tears, and Simon wrapped his arm around her.

Samantha buried her head between her knees as her emotional dam burst; her face produced streams of sorrow as tears washed down her cheeks. Simon wrapped his arms around Samantha.

Sherry looked into Samantha's eyes, and it was clear she looked disheveled as her makeup stained part of her face. Sherry was also aching and hurting. Despite the sadness, Samantha was coping. A look of tenderness passed between Samantha and Sherry, and they began to recite "The Lord's Prayer," followed by a reading from the 23rd Psalm.

Simon entered the room where Sherry and Samantha were chatting, wearing blue jeans and a yellow shirt, holding a bouquet of peach and rose flowers. Sherry gave Simon a hug and cried.

"Son, I was wrong about you. I thought my preconceived notions of you were going to be accurate."



"Samantha," I have something to tell you; I hope you won't be annoyed.

Mum, it's fine by me; go ahead.

We both have diaries of the same color, and our handwriting is quite similar. Hence, I mistook your diary for mine. As a result, I stumbled upon your diary the other day when you left it with me. I read the entire diary and discovered that "Simon" is much better than I thought. I cried when I read about the things "Simon" does for you and how he treats you.

I wish everyone were like "Simon"; the world would be a better place. I hope you and "Simon" can build something that will stand the test of time.

"Sherry" looked very pale and seemed to transcend beyond the present, while Simon appeared amused as he held "Sherry's" left hand with a grip filled with both love and sorrow. On the other side, Samantha felt the firm embrace of "Sherry's" right hand in hers, a tangible connection.

In the hushed stillness of the room, the weight of the moment pressed upon them. Tears streamed down Simon's face as he struggled to find words, his throat tightening with emotion. "Sherry's" right hand in Samantha's grasp tightened, as if conveying a silent acknowledgment of an unusual bond.

The words spilled out, a mixture of love, loss, and the profound ache of the unknown tomorrow. Simon, his voice quivering, whispered, "Thank you for being a part of our lives, Sherry. You'll always be in our hearts." Samantha, holding back tears, added, "May your journey beyond be as beautiful as the light you brought into our lives."

A somber mood subdued the air; the room held the echoes of their sentiments, a tribute to a life that had touched theirs in meaningful ways.

The onset of sodium-lit skies outside seemed to dim further, absorbing the potential "inevitable" as they said their goodbyes that might be the last to "Sherry."



"So long, my daughter," Sherry whispered, the gravity of her words mirroring the depth of their bond.

The words lingered in the air, a touching goodbye from Sherry to Samantha. Her voice, heavy with emotion, conveyed a blend of love, sorrow, and a deep sense of release.

The memory of Sherry remained in their hearts, a treasured presence even as she began a journey beyond their grasp.

"So long, my son," Sherry said.

With everlasting love,

"Take care of each other."

Samantha nodded in recognition, her eyes meeting Simon's, both understanding the duty that awaited them. The significance of the moment compelled them to be each other's support.

Standing together, their hands joined, the idea of caring solidified into a vow—a pledge to face the forthcoming challenges together.

"Always be open and honest with each other."

Samantha nodded, internalizing Sherry's counsel. The dedication to transparency and truth became a fundamental tenet of their path forward.




"Samantha," take this brown envelope and only open it when you get home; hopefully, you will understand.

Samantha gazed at the brown envelope Sherry handed her, a blend of curiosity and uncertainty in her eyes. "What's inside?" she inquired.

Sherry smiled reassuringly. "It's something for you to read and understand in your own space. Trust me, it will make sense once you're at home."

Samantha nodded, her smile tinged with irony, as intrigue shadowed her expression. Sherry wrapped an arm around Samantha and kissed her cheek. "Alright, I'll wait until I'm home to open it. Thank you, mummy."

Sherry patted Samantha's shoulder softly. "Take your time, Samantha. It's meant for you, and I believe it will bring some clarity. Remember, if you need to talk or if anything is unclear, call this number."

With that, Samantha placed the brown envelope into her bag, a tangible link to a mystery soon to be unveiled in the sanctuary of her home. The room, resonant with the whispers of the unknown, set the stage for new revelations that would unfold as she opened the envelope's contents at home.



"Thank you, Samantha and Simon, for coming to see me," she said, her voice filled with gratitude.

Samantha, standing beside Simon, felt the weight of the moment. The room, wrapped in quietude, seemed to brace for an imminent, heartfelt farewell.

"So long," Samantha whispered softly, her voice harmonizing with Simon's in a silent tribute. In their shared goodbye, they acknowledged the unending cycle of life and Sherry's enduring mark on their hearts. The room, their clasped hands, and the fading evening light outside all contributed to a parting scene that transcended the moment, touching the very soul of memory and love.

"I would have loved to see my grandchildren, but..."

Her voice trailed off, leaving her words hanging in the air; a deep longing captured Samantha's attention.

With a look of mutual understanding, Samantha and Simon grasped the depth of their wordless exchange. Simon gently placed his hand on Sherry's shoulder, offering silent comfort.

"Life is replete with unexpected turns, isn't it? Sometimes, solace lies in the memories we've created and the connections we've forged on our path."



"Till we meet in heaven," Sherry whispered.

"Nurse! Nurse! Please help!!!" Samantha screamed.

Her scream pierced the air, laden with urgency and distress.

For Sherry, there was a silent hope for a reunion beyond the complexities of earthly life.

Moments later, a petite woman with braided hair, fair skin, and bright hazel eyes, dressed in blue scrubs, approached swiftly. She looked serious, with beads of sweat trickling down Arverne's left brow. In a distinct Jamaican accent, Nurse Arverne inquired,

"What's wrong? What happened?"

She moved quickly to Samantha's side.

Visibly shaken, Samantha pointed towards Sherry. "It's my mother; we were just with her. Something isn't right. I hope you can save my mum, please, we need your help."

Nurse Arverne nodded, her training taking over. "I'll get assistance immediately. Show me where your mother is."

Samantha led the nurse to the room where the distressing scene was unfolding. The urgency of the moment was tangible. Together, they worked swiftly to manage Sherry's crisis, focusing on providing the necessary aid and support amidst an unexpected turn of events.



The trio, united by clasped hands and a shared solemnity, felt the gravity of the moment passing. The pulse ceased, and the room descended into an uncanny calm as "Sherry's" breath halted. The transition to stillness was met with a deep silence, signifying the end of a life.

As the clock struck 7 pm, it marked a poignant moment. "Sherry" inhaled deeply, her eyes closed in apparent final resignation. The room paused, witnessing her complexion shift from a pale pink to a stark white, heralding the inevitable.

A buxom woman with caramel skin and bright hazel eyes, dressed in a purple scrub, fitted an oxygen mask over "Sherry's" face. Samantha and Simon stood close, each holding one of her hands. The atmosphere was charged, and a profound sense of gravity pervaded the room as the faded blue skies outside took on a sodium glow.

In the following hour, the transition persisted. "Sherry" moved beyond the present, leaving the constraints of mortal life. The room, bathed in the subdued light of sodium-illuminated skies, witnessed a departure as "Sherry" commenced her journey to meet her creator.

Samantha, Simon, and the buxom woman shared a moment of pause, the weight of a soul's passage hanging in the air. The room, once vibrant with life, now contained the echoes of a significant departure, while the dimming light outside reflected the somber atmosphere within.



Samantha was strolling down the road when suddenly, a scream pierced the air, prompting her to cover her ears with her hands in an instant.

Shocked by the abrupt and shrill screams, Samantha's instinct led her to shield her ears. The sound's intensity caused her heart to throb, and she looked around, attempting to locate the source of the unsettling noise. The once peaceful and mundane street now brimmed with tension.

Surveying her surroundings, Samantha's eyes grew wide with worry. The origin of the screams was not apparent, but it was clear that something disturbing was unfolding nearby. She joined the few pedestrians who had also stopped in response to the troubling sound, their expressions a blend of fear and bewilderment.

With her hands still muffling her ears, Samantha evaluated the situation. The screams persisted, reverberating in the air, challenging her ability to determine where they were coming from. A rush of adrenaline filled her, leaving her unsure whether to remain stationary or approach the commotion's source.



As the seconds passed, Samantha observed those nearby reacting in kind—some stood still, while others quickly moved away from the source of the screams. The urgency was tangible, and Samantha felt compelled to discover the cause.

Resolved, she removed her hands from her ears, inhaled deeply, and started moving carefully toward the screams, intent on solving the mystery and aiding anyone in need.

The piercing cry of an unfamiliar voice halted Samantha, leaving her utterly startled. She walked a kilometer northeast from where she stood and saw a woman with porcelain skin, bright green eyes, and a tousled mane of shiny red hair. The woman, dressed in a grey gown and chocolate brown shoes, sat on a park bench, legs apart, rubbing her swollen belly and shouting expletives, clutching the bench with her left hand and soothing her belly with her right.



Samantha hesitated for a moment, the unexpected scene unfolding before her eyes. The shrill voice had caught her off guard, and now this unusual sight added another layer of confusion. She cautiously approached the woman on the park bench, unsure of how to react.

"Um, excuse me?" Samantha ventured, trying to address the distressed woman. The woman's green eyes snapped towards her, revealing a mix of frustration and distress.

"Oh, great! Just what I needed," the woman exclaimed, her voice tinged with irritation. "Can't you see I'm in the middle of something here?"

Samantha looked surprised but tried to remain calm. "I heard the voice, and I wanted to make sure everything was okay. Is there anything I can do to help?"



The woman exhaled, her demeanor softening somewhat. "Help? Unless you're carrying a magic wand," she said, motioning towards her belly, "I doubt it. I'm just grappling with some unexpected... let's call them 'changes.'"

"Samantha" eyed the woman's swollen abdomen, perplexed. "Changes? What kind of changes?"

The woman gave an exasperated eye roll. "To cut a long story short, my day was going perfectly normal, and then out of nowhere, I end up here, in this odd place, with this," she indicated her stomach once more.

"Samantha" was fascinated yet unsure how to offer aid. "Do you require medical attention? Should I call for help?"

The woman laughed without joy. "I've attempted that. It feels like no one grasps what I'm experiencing. It's as if I'm out of place here."

As "Samantha" mulled over the bizarre scenario, she pondered how this enigmatic woman came to be in such an extraordinary situation and what it signified for her own path.






As Samantha attempted to engage the woman in conversation, she was met with an unexpectedly tight hug that nearly toppled her over.

"Oh dear! Should we call an ambulance?" Samantha suggested, but the woman dismissed the idea with a shake of her head.

"I'm fine. I can manage," the woman insisted.

Samantha observed the woman's face for a brief moment before nodding in understanding. "If you say so. Just remember, it's okay not to be okay sometimes. You don't have to handle everything by yourself."

"I appreciate that," the woman responded, her smile reflecting gratitude.

"I suppose I might count on you, though I don't know you."

"Why are you being so kind?"

"For the sake of humanity, I suppose."

"Are you certain?"

Samantha extended her hand, offering a comforting pat on the shoulder. "You're in labor."







An ambulance arrived after Samantha called for one.

Samantha held the woman's hand, steadied her back on the bench, and asked her to take deep breaths as she began to push. The woman continued her journey to motherhood, supported by Samantha's capable hands.

Samantha heard the ambulance's siren thirty minutes after calling. Two paramedics, a man and a woman, arrived at the scene.

"Thanks for coming," Samantha commented.

As the paramedics were en route, the woman let out a blood-curdling scream while Samantha held her right hand.

"Sorry, we are short-staffed; we should have been here earlier," one paramedic apologized.

Samantha caught the baby upon arrival, complete with its umbilical cord and placenta. The paramedics then placed the woman in the ambulance, where she smiled through tears, holding her newborn baby girl.

The woman and her new baby, in good spirits, were taken to the hospital by the paramedics.



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